Sunday, 22 August 2010

Crystal Fighters to take over the world?

Crystal Fighters (not to be confused with Crystal Castles or Crystal Meth) announce the release of their debut album "Star of Love" due out at the end of September. Don't be put off by the title. They're not from around these parts. In fact they're a Spanish band that push out Basque bleeps and English vox. (Although, try not be put off by that either!)

To celebrate the album launch they're offering a free download from their website (You'll need to pony up your email address to get your mits on the goodies.)

Here's the Follow/Swallow double a-side from the new album:

Alternatively, get a taster of their (and our) sound by listening to Boomslang's Robogirl! Zombies! AttacK! mix for Space Invader Radio which features a remix of the undeniably awesome 'Xtatic Truth':

Also, if you're in Bristol - they'll be playing at Start the Bus on the 29th of September. More tour dates available on their site.

Peace out, Boomslang.

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